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According to the latest statistics, over 90% of companies are vulnerable to "cyberterrorist" attack. The increasing globalization of Information Technology has created new threats to the integrity of your company's stored data. Although no computer system can be completely immune to cyberterrorism, there are steps you can take as a company to prevent these intruders from accessing your critical information.The first step in prevention is SBM. At SBM, we understand how critical your company's information is, and we can show you how to secure your system with the latest in security technology.

We offer a wide range of security and protection systems that can significantly reduce the risk of internal and external sabotage. Securing your company's network systems will provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your data is safe and could save the company thousands, if not millions of dollars in worker productivity, system and data integrity, corporate espionage, virus detection and elimination, and unauthorized access to secure financial information. If someone asks you if your company is at risk, you can simply smile and say you are protected by SBM. SBM is leading the way to securing your company's future.

Stearns Business Machines offers the following security products:

Security Systems

Antivirus Software

Firewall Software/Hardware

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